Wet magnetic separators series W-PMA/Type

The wet magnetic separator W-PMA / Type, produced by MAPAYA SP.ZO.O., is intended for the enrichment of highly magnetic ores, for the deironing of various materials and the regeneration of heavy suspensions under industrial conditions, as well as for the enrichment of non-metallic materials. Enrichment occurs in water mode.
Possess magnetic systems from 0.05 to 0.18 Tesla
Bath types: direct flow, countercurrent, semi countercurrent.
Size of the separated material: 0 - 6 mm.
Productivity: from 60 to 410 t / h.
We manufacture separators according to the customer’s specifications.

Line of manufactured equipment:

Wet magnetic separator W1-PMA/Type-Z
Wet magnetic separator W2-PMA/Type-A
Wet magnetic separator W2-1-PMA/Type-F
Wet magnetic separator W3-PMA/Type-K

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