Pulley magnetic separators series SMP-PMA/Type

Pulley magnetic separator SMP-PMA / Type, produced by MAPAYA SP.ZO.O., is designed to extract ferromagnetic impurities from bulk materials transported by conveyor belt. Mounted as a head drum.
With the passage of the product on the surface of the pulley, under the action of a magnetic field, ferromagnetic impurities are attracted to the surface of the pulley and are contained on a conveyor belt by the time they leave the zone of action of the magnetic field. The purified product follows the natural trajectory of the production, and ferromagnetic impurities fall into a special container.

Line of manufactured equipment:

Pulley magnetic separator SMP-4 PMA / Type-V
Pulley magnetic separator SMP-5 PMA / Type-N
Pulley magnetic separator SMP-6 PMA / Type-U
Pulley magnetic separator SMP-3 PMA / Type-L

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