Drum magnetic separators series MSD

Drum magnetic separator MSD, produced by MAPAYA SP.ZO.O., is used for cleaning granulated and loose materials from metal: primary granules of plastics, crushed plastics, broken glass, foundry earth, ash, sugar, grits, etc. Used to clean shot. after blasting from foreign inclusions and in many other cases.
It is produced as a separate module and is used in the case when it is possible to install new equipment in an existing process line. The flow of the material to be separated into the separator is produced by a conveyor or manually.

Line of manufactured equipment:

Drum magnetic separator MSD-1-PMA/Type-W
Drum magnetic separator MSD-2-PMA/Type-O
Drum magnetic separator MSD-3-PMA/Type-K
Drum magnetic separator MSD-4-PMA/Type-G

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