Double drum magnetic separators series
W-PMA Double Type

Double-drum magnetic separator W-PMA Double Type, manufactured by MAPAYA SP.ZO.O., is designed to regenerate a heavy medium with a magnetite weighting agent in enrichment plants of magnetite ores in two steps, in which the first intake is concentrated on the first intake, and the tails on the transition trays served in the separator of the second admission, which are allocated to the tailings and the concentrate of the second admission.
Possess magnetic systems from 0.08 to 0.16 Tesla.
Bath types: direct flow, countercurrent, semi countercurrent.
Size of the material to be separated: 0 - 1 mm.
Productivity: up to 300 t / h.

Line of manufactured equipment:

Double drum magnetic separator W1-PMA Double Type-Z
Double drum magnetic separator W2-PMA Double Type-A
Double drum magnetic separator W2-1-PMA Double Type-K
Double drum magnetic separator W3-PMA Double Type-F

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