Trolleys mine cargo series TK

Trolley cargo mine TK, produced by MAPAYA SP.ZO.O., is intended for transportation of rock mass through underground haul openings and on industrial sites of mines.
The unloading of the mine wagons with a blind body is carried out by circular tippers, the mine wagons with the opening bottom are unloaded on the move over the pit with the unloading curves.
The company produces trolleys with a capacity of a body up to 4.5 cubic meters.

Line of manufactured equipment:

Trolleys mine cargo TK-4,5 class B
Trolleys mine cargo TK-2,5 class C
Trolleys mine cargo TK-1,6 class A
Trolleys mine cargo TK-1,4 class A
Trolleys mine cargo TK-1,3 class A
Trolleys mine cargo TK-3,3 class C

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